Fitness Ball and Incorporation Into a Pilates Routine

fitness ball
by Јason

Searching for fast results? Combining a fitness ball with your Pilates workout will help you reach that goal while you are having a good time.

The fitness ball elevates you and works stabilizing muscles like no other exercise.

The fitness ball, first named “Pezzi Ball,” was later referred to as the “Swiss ball.” The diameter of the ball is around 35 to 85 cm. It is made of an elastic that can handle the pressure of your body, known as PVC.

Swiss balls were designed primarily for use with newborns and infants, then afterwards as a tool for physiotherapy, although it quickly developed a following in the fitness industry. Whilst they were never originally a part of the Pilates concept, these fitness balls have been enthusiastically adopted by the Pilates fraternity when people realised their actual potential and are now considered as an essential element in any Pilates programme.

You can get that trim tight body you have been yearning for by doing Pilates, and using the fitness ball will increase the intensity of these exercises because you need to use your core muscles to balance yourself. When you add a fitness ball to the equation, you are giving your workout a big boost. The ball causes you to constantly use deep muscles to maintain your balance. This gives you a Pilates workout that packs twice the punch.

Exactly what does a fitness ball add to your workout? A fitness ball strengthens the small muscles around your spine. They are known as micro stabilisers. This toning strengthens the musculature and helps prevent back injury and pain. When you strengthen the muscles around your spine, it gives you more body strength in general. When you achieve that, you can do more challenging workouts without getting tired.

The fitness ball also works on the other core body muscles ” the abdominal muscles ” in much the same way as for the back muscles ” toning and strengthening over time.

Using the fitness ball is great fun as well, because it allows you to add some variety to your workout ” no more boring, repetitive routines! No more hard floor, either ” and you get an added bounce as well!

Would you like more? You can add weights to the mix: just take care that you choose a much lower weight than for a usual routine, because the combination of stabilising and weights intensifies the workout. You will feel your overall strength increasing rapidly. With this method, you will feel your confidence explode as the weight you can lift grows.

The use of a fitness ball in Pilates requires careful attention to your form. Remember that using the ball increases the intensity of your workout dramatically. Allow yourself the freedom to complete a lower level of reps, maintaining perfect form. The stabiliser muscles will become stronger and you will soon discover that your fitness level has increased.

For more information on the benefits of using a fitness ball in your workout program, be sure to visit the website.

Julia Channell, who is currently working for Escape Fitness, actively works to develop fitness techniques. She has written many articles on the use of the fitness ball .

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