Morning Workout Boot Camp

Some cool boot camp workouts images:

Morning Workout Boot Camp
boot camp workouts
Image by Victor Frost
Since My phones camera doesn’t like low light situations, here’s the story behind this ubelieveably blurry photo.

So I was walking along, loooking for an adventure and enjoying the crisp pre-dawn air, and I saw these people doing a workout in the parking lot of the recreational center. So, I popped over and checked it out. I watched them for a second, then approached their instructor. His name is Julian Alcaraz, and he’s a pretty nice dude. He asked me to if I wanted to join them, so I did…for about 10 minutes. ^_~ Lets just say it’s been a LONG time since I’ve done any meaningful exercise.

Apparently they do this every day around 5:30 AM for about an hour. Monday through Firday. Thats intense. Still, I got his business card.

I’m not sure if I’d be able to keep up, but once my tuition money comes in, I’ll see if it fits in my budget.

6 Week Body Fat Burn Week 1
boot camp workouts
Image by Dangerously Fit Personal Training
Week 1 of the Dangerously Fit 6 Week Challenge off to a flying start on Saturday.
We kicked off the challenge with a cross training workout followed by a 15 minute bodyweight blitz.
The Grey Team won this week’s team game narrowly edging out the blue team in the team relay event.
1 down and 5 to go!
Next week is the Rope Mania… some say it’s the hardest – I say wait to the Dunes on week 5!
Have a great week and we’ll see you all again for week 2 this Saturday!

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