Nice Fitness Programme photos

Some cool fitness programme images:

Mario’s Promise
fitness programme
Image by david_a_l
Mario was begging me to go back to the country after he had developed a taste for the lifestle. I told him I would take him again soon, but only as long as he did his chores around the house and kept up his fitness program he started the day after New Years but had let fall by the wayside.

Luckily Toad was such a good friend he was there to encourage him, even after the "difficulties" last week.

2013-04-06: (95/365) Patterns P1010558
fitness programme
Image by lundyd
Friday morning my wife and I attended an event promoting Silver Sneakers, a fitness program for "more experienced" persons. They gave us a bottle of water and a small packet of Crystal Lite, which I poured into my water. When I tried to get the last few drops of water, I noticed that it was clinging to the ridges of the bottle. I decided it might be an interesting photo subject, so that’s what you got today. I started setting up the shot at about 11:50 pm, but didn’t get this one until 12:00 am – hope that still counts. 😉

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