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Crystal Beach Ontario ~ Canada ~ Former Amusement Park

A few nice health clubs images I found:

Crystal Beach Ontario ~ Canada ~ Former Amusement Park
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Image by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
Crystal Beach is a community within Fort Erie, Ontario with a population of 3,800. It was named for the "crystal-clear" water conditions present when it was founded on the northeast shore of Lake Erie, across from Buffalo

Crystal Beach Amusement Park occupied waterfront land within Crystal Beach from 1888 until the park’s closure in 1989. The property was once a health spa whose buildings were sited near and on a natural sand dune fifty feet high and 1,200 feet long parallel to the shore. Part of the dune was excavated to open up land for the spa. In 1888, the spa was replaced by the amusement park, which has since itself been replaced by Crystal Beach Tennis & Yacht Club

Turning Up the Volume on Journal Clubs
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Image by DES Daughter
" … But other than conferences, the most intensive group engagement with scientific research is still the face-to-face journal club. What are they like then, and what works well? Food might increase attendance “and conviviality” – but given how passionate or social it can get, alcohol might not be the best idea!…."

Read: Science’s Water Coolers: Turning Up the Volume On Journal Clubs, PLOS Blogs Absolutely Maybe, December 17, 2014.
Hilda Bastian is author and cartoonist behind Statistically funny.
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The Zoo Health Club
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Image by JeepersMedia
The Zoo Health Club Avon CT 7/2014 Pics by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube