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Functional Training | Group Fitness Training | India | Hyderabad

Be blown away by this innovative, cost effective and incredibly systemised training facility. Born in Australia, you can expect nothing short of creative genius everywhere you turn both in and out of an F45 facility.


The workouts are nothing short of insane… 10 completely different systems, changing every single day. At F45, you will never do the same workout twice. F45 is by far the most innovative training system in the world. It has to be experienced, to be believed.

Five of the world’s best programmers work tirelessly to make the F45 experience the worlds finest. Every workout is trialled and tested at our Headquarters before it gets released into the market. Just one of the many idiosyncrasies, which make F45 so unique.


WOW… Walk into a world of systemisation and creative genius. This is another one of the facets that makes F45 the envy of all competition. Over 800 exercises filmed, with workouts changing daily. The daily workouts even play up on Plasma screens in the facility. Heart rate technology is optional, for those looking to push just that little bit harder. F45 has timing screens built in house to keep you honest and even has DJ mixes with voice overs to make you feel right at home in F45 world.


F45 Training is ahead of its time in many ways. As health education improves, the fitness world has become more focused on body fat composition and far less concerned of weight. Hence, the bathroom scale has become obsolete in this revolution. All recent scientific data suggests that interval cardio and strength training are the most effective methods of burning fat and building muscle.

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How to Develop, Analyze and Evaluate Your Physical Training Program

With all the advice, workouts, methods and philosophies about strength, conditioning and fitness out there… How do you develop a physical training program that is right for you?

First of all, there are may reasons to get involved in a physical training program… and you must first determine yours is you are to choose correctly.

Some people’s physical training program are targeted toward muscle growth, others toward burning fat, others toward gaining strength, others to meet general fitness goals, etc.

I personally believe a physical training program should be used to improve the physical abilities of cardiorespiratory endurance, strength, power, speed, flexibility, balance, coordination, agility, accuracy and toughness.

A physical training program should improve the physical abilities that are needed to face the challenges of sport, work and life with excellence… basically, allowing us to become better suited human beings for the unpredictable environment in which we live.

Here are the guidelines I use to develop, analyze and evaluate my physical training program:

1) A physical training program should commit to functional strength, superior conditioning and fitness excellence OPTIMIZATION… Not muscular size and aerobic conditioning MAXIMIZATION.

Your physical training program must address the improvement of all the physical abilities… and not just one physical ability at the expense of all others.

The sad fact is, most people get caught up in becoming the best at one particular physical ability… and completely ignore the others.

Who cares how strong you are when the life challenge calls for balance and flexibility.

True physical fitness is a compromise between all the physical abilities and the seamless transition from on ability to another.

2) A physical training program should continue performance improvement through deliberate variation of training methods, intensities and stresses… Not monotonous, unsustainable and long term routines.

There is no one best, one size fits all physical training program that universally fits everyone’s goals, needs, abilities and limitations.

Use variety to produce an environment that keeps the body improving… long term routine will only bring about limited results.

3) A physical training program concentrate on quality physical training and proper technique and then increase the quantity of your training… Leave your ego out of your workout program.

Your physical training program is where you work on your weaknesses and seek improvement… and not a place to show off.

Make sure to perform the exercises correctly before increasing the quantity.

4) A physical training program should focus on core strength and developing a body that functions as one complete unit… Just say “no” to machines.

Isolation exercises on machines teach you to do isolation exercises on machines… a skill which is of little value in the real world.

Make your core strong by including it in all your exercises and use the body as one complete unit… just like you would in the challenges of sport, work and life.

5) A physical training program should train movements through compound exercises, single limb and alternating limb exercises… Not muscles through “isolation” exercises.

Who cares how big your muscles are if you can’t use them to complete a task in the real world.

Train movements that translate into real world performance improvements.

6) A physical training program should train muscular strength, muscular power and muscular endurance for functional strength improvement… not muscular size for appearance.

Strength training should address all aspects of strength… and not be treated as the secondary effect of size seeking.

It is better to be stronger than you look… Than to look stronger than you are.

7) A physical training program should train the anaerobic, anaerobic lactate and aerobic energy pathways for superior conditioning under the greatest set of circumstances… Now only one energy pathway for “specialized” conditioning.

Metabolic conditioning training should address all the energy pathways for versatile conditioning.

Extreme aerobic conditioning is not the measure of fitness excellence.

Sport, work and life challenges are made up of intense flurries of activity broken up be periods of less intensity and rest… not one long, continuous, monotonous, rhythmic activity.

8) A physical training program should train the physical abilities of cardiorespiratory endurance, strength, power, speed, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and toughness for fitness excellence… Not just one or two abilities creating unbalanced fitness performance.

True fitness is not the maximization of one physical skill at the expense of all others… But the optimization of all physical skills in fluid interaction.

Fitness is a compromise.

9) A physical training program should fortify your strengths while concentrating on improving your weaknesses for the greatest over-all fitness improvement.

It is a waste of valuable physical training time to spend all your energy trying to improve your strength while your weaknesses go untrained

Greater fitness improvement can be made by turning your weaknesses into newfound strengths.

10) A physical training program should be personalized, short, intense and frequent.

Keep the training sessions short and intense for the best results… but don’t forget to throw in some medium intensity, medium duration and high intensity, long duration training for variety.

Varying your workouts this way will allow you to work out more frequently without the fear of overtraining and injury… and prepare you for a greater amount of physical circumstances in the bargain.

Ultimately, any physical training program must be personalized to the goals, needs, abilities and limitations of the individual.

These are the guidelines I use to keep my physical training program on track and the physical improvements coming that will allow me to meet the challenges of sport, work and life with excellence.

So how does your physical training program stand up to these guidelines?

Coach Lomax is a strength, conditioning and fitness coach dedicated to building better humans for sport, work and life. Learn more at Optimum Physical Training or take his FREE Tabata Calisthenics Workout Mini Course.

Categories of Weight Training Equipment

There has been an increase in the cases of health related disorders, which has made many people rush to look for ways of losing that elusive weight that they may have gained. This has lead to the proliferation in the sales of plenty of weight training equipment. There are many categories of such equipment with different specifications to meet the requirements of different people. They range from complimentary weight training equipment, which needs workout benches, household gym hip and leg machines as well as household weight gym machines. There are diverse categories as well as designs of trainers weight machines. The selection process of the physical training level is available in a lot of body building magazines, websites, selections, or speaking to fitness trainers. This will greatly depend on the goals of body improvement that you decide on.

Actually, the choices you settle for regarding the achievement that you wish for is a fundamental way that can be used in making the choice on the things that you need. There are other considerations that you need to think about such as the availability of time and space, which will be necessary for the setting up of modifications to suit your schedule and make the equipment suitable. The availability of funds is an essential consideration since it will greatly determine the kind of weight training equipment you will get. Equipment of high quality are more expensive but they are worthwhile and realistic investment as opposed to spending money on facilities found in places such as hotels.

Marcy Weight has designed different weight training equipment that conforms to the budgets of different people. They pride themselves in 150 lbs of home stacked gym, compact design, original blueprints for arm presses that adjust to the upright pec fly devoid of the need to make a number of time intensive adjustments in addition to low down and elevated pulley positions. It consists of instructional progressive calisthenics graphics that illustrate the steps that if properly followed, can exercise most or all of the important muscle groups. The prices are fair and will not leave a big dent in the wallet.

Smith machine, generally called serious choice is fundamentally a home cage for a weight training gym. It is made up of framework structures that comprise of slants of 7 degrees designed to offer the lower natural part of the body plus the movements of the upper body with comfort. It also features nylon pulleys of four inches, commercial modifications to pop pin grads by means of contraction, safety stopper over and above the adjustable bar catches, cross over, butterfly, low pulley, lat bar pull downs, a Smith cage for arm bend besides the multi-purpose benches incorporated rector twist pads on top of the leg developer sleeve. This sort of weight training equipment is more costly than the rest.

Marcy Diamond Elite Personal Trainers have designed the champagne models that are comprehensive and straightforward weight training equipment used in home gyms. It sanctions users to fortify and stiffen every one of the muscle groups. This equipment gives thorough workouts that leaves users yearning for more and if it does not give one a heart attack then make sure to get one. It is an expensive equipment that needs plenty of funds to purchase, though it is a viable option. Although this equipment is expensive, there are other weight training equipment that meets the needs of all people.

Considering all the types of weight training equipment out there it can be difficult to find the right equipment for you. However, with some online information gathering and careful consideration anyone can put together a set of weight training equipment that will enable them to reach their weight training goals!

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